Why We Created Women In Power

Why did we create Women In Power?

Polarization is rampant. Discourse is hard to find, yet is incredibly needed when we do our own personal work wrestling with race and gender inequities.

We created this space for women to come together in conversation. A curated, intentional space to raise one another up while wrestling with our shame, anger, and varying perspectives and lived experiences. A container that helps us create more serving and factual stories for ourselves, so we can show up more confidently in the face of race and gender inequities in the workplace.

There is a place for only white women to come together. For only racialized women to come together. That is not this space. This space is designed to hold cross-race conversations as women and raise one another up while standing in the uncomfortable.

Our Story

Surabhi and Saralyn met in August 2020. We explored many of these concepts in our work together. Surabhi wanted to help women find their power and kept seeing the same pattern of polarizing discussion in so many programs. She wanted to create a program that did just this. She invited Saralyn in to this idea, seeing their alignment as a powerful force to create something with such transformative possibility.

Women In Power

And here we are. A partnership of two women – one South Asian, one White – walking alongside one another to create an experience for women in discourse about the inequities of gender and race in the workplace.

We partnered with the Suncor Energy Foundation to underwrite this experience for our first two cohorts.

And we partner with the Agora Foundation to support the backbone of the work.