Past Classes

Below are classes we have run in previous cohorts.

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"I appreciated the real sense of connectivity. We were diving into really rich conversation and building a network as we went."

~2021 participant

Self Awareness

Discomfort & Joy

Want to hear what your body has to say? This somatic experience invites you to dive into the polarities of discomfort and joy.

Mindfulness for Daily Life

Develop practices to ground yourself and connect with your body while doing your daily activities.

Triggered, Yet Resilient

Understanding your triggers helps you with resilience and being response-able. But how do you see them before they cause you to react?

Your Inner Team

What is possible if you stand back and see your inner team from a different vantage point? You get intentional and aligned with how you show up.

Your Leadership Path

Navigate Your Leadership Journey

Where are you headed? Tap into your inner wisdom as you navigate the journey ahead.


Learn about your IKIGAI - the ancient Japanese way to find and reconnect with your true calling.

Laser-Like Focus

Focus comes from alignment - aligning your today with your tomorrow. Design your life path with focus.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Inclusive Leadership

Explore the fundamental principles of inclusive leadership, your own belief systems, and how you can contribute to a culture of inclusion and belonging.

Navigating Intersectional Identities

This is not to become an expert in equity and inclusion, but rather to cultivate awareness in the exploration of identity.

Leadership Building Skills

Cult of Busyness

Want to to step out of the “cult of busy-ness”? Learn to traverse a more sustainable flow of work in your everyday.


Discover gamification as a way to unlock potential in your teams.

Give and Receive Feedback Without Fear

Give and receive feedback that moves beyond a difficult conversation to integrate powerful learning.

Leading Amid Disruption - Courage

Leading a team through change and disruption is tricky. What can you do to help your team thrive under pressure? Courage is key.

Making Futures Present

Play with your expectations of the future. Design the moment that brings you there.

Your Relationship With Money

Money is a tool. Part of your leadership journey is to understand your own relationship with money, and ensure it is a tool working for you.

Weaving Family & Work

As a caregiver, how do you weave family and work at this time? Can your leadership at work learn from your experiences in the home?

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