Explore Your Inner Team

Want to get a better handle on the voices in your head? The ones that urge you to react to a situation? Or that drive the bus on your emotions or your behaviours?

Parts of your 'inner team' may be in service of your leadership, and parts may not. Some bring wisdom, and some bring tricks. What is possible if we stand back and see this inner team from a different vantage point?

This is for anyone who wants to better practice aligning their behavior with their intentions.

In this session, your practice will grow by:

  • Surfacing your inner team members.

  • Claiming the wisdom in the stories they share.

  • Start a practice to get curious with your inner team.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Connect with the wisdom in yourself

  • Guide your leadership from the inside out

  • More intentionally craft how you respond in the world

Photo by: https://elizabethandjane.ca/

1:1 Package

🪄 1:1 Package: A personalized experience.

We meet on Zoom over 3 sessions for 60mins each. For more information, click here.

Group Sessions

🪄 Group Sessions: A small size live group experience.

We meet on Zoom over several sessions in a way that fosters connection, insights and experience-sharing. For the next cohort join the waitlist here.