Equity & Inclusion

There are societal structures and systems that oppress people, denying equal access to opportunity. Reflecting and acting on this reality is a responsibility for us all.

The Leadership Practice Studio intends to have equal access for those who are systematically excluded and/or marginalized by structures and narratives, and is a space where diverse voices, perspectives, and lived experiences are valued and have psychological safety to show up and be expressed.

We commit to trying our best - setting intentions and working our way towards them.

Here is our commitment

  • To create spaces of belonging for participants where your experience and voice matters.

  • To hold with gentle curiosity and presence the hard conversations that arise, and the accompanying emotions.

  • To invite content and insights on power and privilege, equity and inclusion, and the practices to hold this work.

  • To facilitate sessions that call upon all voices, in ways they want to express themselves, including the use of silence.

  • To seek diverse and inclusive representation of race, gender, sexual orientation, geography, profession, and economic realities.

Here is what we mean

These terms have meaning. They weave together and do not stand alone.

Inclusion - creating space where people's voice, perspective, and lived experience matters. Where people feel a sense of belonging.

Diversity - creating space composed of diversity in ways that matter such as race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation such as LGBTQ communities, womxn, national origin, and more.

Equity - creating space that is equally accessible to those who have historically been systematically excluded and marginalized by oppressive structures.

A helpful resource - Aiko Bethea on the Dare To Lead with Brené Brown.

Founder, Leadership Practice Studio