The Team

Our powerful team brings you experiences to elevate your leadership.

The Leadership Practice Studio experiences are designed and hosted by a collective bunch of creative professionals.

Our experience and background brings a century's worth of experience from fields such as: transformative leadership, organizational change, design and systems thinking, social impact/innovation/finance/entrepreneurship, mindfulness, strategic foresight, systems change, relationship systems intelligence, place-based design, partnership brokering, innovation labs, and more.

Our approach focuses on the practice of your leadership with gentle curiosity and a focus on reflective and conscious leadership. This involves supporting bravery and audacity in you, as you navigate the faithful tension of uncertainty and possibility.

Saralyn Hodgkin

Saralyn is inspired by leaders who stand in their power and wisdom. The fierceness that is harnessed in one's leadership has the power to make change in the world. She wakes up every day with the intention to support people in their inner work and reflective leadership practices the future requires.

Saralyn founded the Leadership Practice Studio. She hosts and facilitates sessions, calling on guest facilitators and speakers to add to the conversation.

The Leadership Practice Studio is where Saralyn holds group sessions and courses to build your leadership practice. Visit Holon Leadership for 1:1 or team support.

Facilitators and Guest Speakers

These talented, genuine, insightful humans facilitate different sessions in various Leadership Practice Studio cohorts.

Mazdak Chinichian

Mazdak is inspired by emerging leaders who are yearning to manifest their meaningful impact in the world. Partnering with such leaders, Mazdak co-creates a roadmap for their next move while helping them design a joyful life around their career and business. They inspire him to offer an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to fostering personal and professional transformation.

Check out more of Mazdak's work here.

Janet Frood

Janet created Horizon Leadership as her vision for serving leaders and their teams. She has taken a stand for focusing on the human and relational dimensions of organizational life – cultivating the talent and resourcefulness of individuals and teams so they move towards their goals together. Janet holds spaces that courage, clarity and confidence so you can dare greatly in your leadership.

Check out more of Janet's work here.

Ashley Good

In her early career, Ashley worked with the UN and as a management consultant. In both of these two very different lines of work, she saw a fear of failure inhibit innovation, adaptation, and performance. She became obsessed with figuring out why Intelligent Failure was so difficult, dedicating her career to supporting people and organizations to build the courageous practices needed to acknowledge, create and evolve from their missteps.

Check out more of Ashley's work at Fail Forward.

Sarah Good

Sarah Good is an occupational therapist who is inspired to incorporate mindfulness and nature connections into her daily life and her client appointments. You can learn more about Sarah's work here.

Maggie Greyson

Maggie is extremely passionate about helping people to envision their ability to thrive. The wisdom that we have within is meant to be free and expressed for the collective good. Post-traumatic growth comes from playfulness, nurturing and intention. She has learned this lesson by practicing design and futures thinking every day of her life.

Check out more of Maggie’s work at Noemic.

Surabhi Jain

Surabhi is an immigrant, woman of colour with lived experiences in India, US, and Canada. She has been helping individuals and organizations realize their full potential for nearly 18 years through the education and training programs she has created. She brings experiences from the workplace, from her travels, and from her childhood that have shaped her understanding of community, leadership, and human development.

Check out more of Surabhi's work at here.

Vanessa Paesani

Vanessa Paesani is inspired by living life from the inside out. She's inspired by this because she realized she hadn't been doing that - and has been on the journey of living from the inside out over the last decade. She applies this to her work in organizational development- the practice of helping organizations succeed from the inside out. She is specifically interested in how capital is deployed within organizations to help them realize their purpose.

Check out more of Vanessa’s work at The Folding Chair Group Ltd.

Renu Sachdeva

In the increasingly polarized world that we live in, it is critical that we have leaders who can create an environment of inclusion and belonging for all of their constituents. As an Inclusive Leadership Coach, Renu combines her knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices with her skills as an intuitive coach to help leaders uncover unconscious belief systems and personal paradigms that impact how they lead people who are different from them. She holds space for leaders to examine these beliefs and works with them to shift from awareness to action, so that they can act with intention as inclusive leaders to create a culture of belonging where everyone can thrive.

Learn more about Renu here.

Caroline Sauve

Caroline’s craft as Integral Leadership Coach is honed from 20 years of direct experience - having worked both on the front lines of delivery teams as well as in management and executive leadership of successful organizations. Caroline’s unique and creative approach is to integrate her experiences as a leader alongside the deep work of integral coaching lenses, including somatic work and emotional development.

For Caroline, everything we do is foundationally a practice – she is grounded firmly in the potential that exists within each of us to embody our better selves when we meaningfully and consistently connect intention with attention and gentle practice.

Check out more of Caroline's work at InsideOutAgile.

André Pawan Vashist

As parent, child and sibling, my love for family extends beyond our human relations and connects to all our relatives on Earth. Through this love and courage, I am committed to shifting dynamics of power, equity and inclusion by transforming organizations and collaborations into networks and ecosystems.

As an ecosystem facilitator of multi-stakeholder collaborations that nurture reconciliation, regeneration and resilience, I love co-designing and co-creating complex solutions between & across sectors, geographies, generations and identities.

Learn more about André here.