Reset Your Leadership

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We can't go back to the way things were.

We’ve all experienced challenges and learnings over the past two years. Our priorities, desires, and mindsets have all changed.

And while that might feel scary and all kinds of uncomfortable, I challenge you to join me in a stance of opportunity and optimism. Take a moment to reset, align, and state your intentions now.

Create a clear and confident leadership practice.

A 5-week workshop series to spend time dedicated to your leadership practice.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Show up with more confidence and clarity.

  • Make sense of where you are now in your leadership journey.

  • Dream up where you're headed.

  • Articulate what successful leadership means for you now.

The Focus: A reset on your inner leadership capacities. We'll take what you've learned these last few years and flip it into a leadership practice that is meaningful for you now.

The Goal: Getting centered, clear and confident in your leadership practice.

  • Get clear on what you've learned these past two years and what that means for your journey.

  • Define your thrivability. What makes you shine. What centres you and makes you confident.

  • Explore your resiliency practice. Change will be constant – how will you stay centred?

  • Explore the stories you tell yourself. Reveal what serves you now.

This is not a pre-recorded course. This is a LIVE cohort-based experience for connection and conversation. Live training every week will include breakout sessions with your peers and tons of access to myself to answer your questions and guide you along the way.

Saralyn hosts you in all sessions.

Invest in yourself. Join us to Reset Your Leadership to get:

  • Leadership practices to fill your toolbox.

  • Engaging sessions to get clear and confident in your leadership.

  • Connection with peers to share experiences and insights.

  • An exclusive online space filled with resources and tools

Founder, Leadership Practice Studio